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Farmers in the US get a boost from NASDA policy

Imagine being a farmer, nurturing your crops, and then out of nowhere, a lawsuit comes knocking. Quite a setback, isn't it? But there's good news on the horizon. During their annual gathering, the folks at the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA) made a landmark decision. They're rolling out a brand-new policy, a kind of shield, if you will, for our dear farmers and foresters. Why? To ensure they don't get bogged down by those pesky nuisance lawsuits. I got the scoop from NASDA's main man, CEO Ted McKinney. He shared, "This isn't just a policy; it's a promise to our farmers. As urban areas expand, we've seen our farmlands shrink. Our farmers aren’t just tilling soil; they’re feeding nations, making sure we've got food on our tables. They need, and deserve, this protection." But here's a sobering fact: A report from USDA has flagged a worrying trend. The number of farms is dwindling. We had 2.2 million farms in 2007, but by 2022? Only 2 million. And in the past ten years, we've lost a whopping 20 million acres of farmland. This makes one thing clear: farming isn't just a profession; it's a legacy. And with NASDA's new policy, we're not just protecting our present; we're sowing seeds for a secure future.Source : wisconsinagconnection

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