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Farmers Taking Advantage Of Warmer Temperatures

The warmer weather this week is helping farmers finish up.
Morgan Cott is an Agronomy Extension Specialist with the Manitoba Crop Alliance.
"I think it's making a huge difference actually, the guys that are still harvesting at least. I was talking to one producer that they had started their sunflowers yesterday at 11 per cent and by mid-day it was down one per cent, which is incredible, in the sun and the little bit of wind. So obviously for harvesting that's great and for drying its excellent and then for field work we've got a nice little opening before hopefully this snow holds off until the weekend. This week could see a lot of guys finishing up what they need to finish up, which is great news."
She commented on the corn harvest.
"There's a little bit of corn left, I think that will be very close to wrapping up with the nice weather this week," she said. "I think it was an easy crop to take off. Moistures were fairly low and not as much drying as we've had to do in the past, so that's good. Yields have been quite respectable, not peaking super high but overall averages are quite good, I'm impressed with them."
Cott expects the sunflower harvest to wrap up this week as well.
"It's wrapping up like corn is but there's still some left I think. Same as corn, I hope to see it finished by this week," she said. "I think we're quite happy with the way the sunflowers came off. Some unexpectedly high yields. I'd say average to well above average yields. So a good sunflower year."
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