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FCC Economist Expects Commodity Prices To Increase Going Forward

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) recently released its 2020 update for the grains, oilseeds and pulse sector.
FCC's Principal Agricultural Economist, Craig Klemmer expects commodity prices to increase in the next six months. 
He says when you look at the marketplace right now oilseeds look to be very strong.
"In addition to just general strong demand from other parts of the world, we've seen some different production challenges in several parts of the world. As a result, it's creating a fairly favourable outlook here at least over the next six months for Western Canadian grains and oilseeds."
He says we're also seeing an expansion of the Chinese hog herd and that's creating some export opportunities for corn and soybeans into China.
Which in turn is really raising up and supporting both Canadian feed grains and oilseeds.
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