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Focus® herbicide now approved for use with lentils
Canadian lentil growers now have another tool in the fight against yield-robbing weeds.  Focus® herbicide has received registration for use in front of lentils for broad spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control, in addition to the current label on spring and winter wheat, corn and soybeans.
"This is a great addition to our Focus® label," explains Paul Allen, Product Manager for FMC Canada.  "Lentil growers are eager to have new actives as an option to address their weed concerns.  FMC is excited to bring solutions to these growers which will enable them to maximize their lentil yield."
Focus® has demonstrated high levels of activity on several species of weeds increasing in presence across the Prairies, including foxtail(s), downy brome and Japanese brome.  Focus® enhances resistance management with a novel Group 15 mode of action that provides residual activity on a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds as well as a Group 14 herbicide that, when tank mixed with glyphosate, speeds up and assists in the burn-off of emerged broadleaf weeds. Focus® is available as a liquid formulation offering ease of application and low use rates.
Source : FMC