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Food industry leaders bloom at new Global Kitchen for Social Change

The Government of Canada invests in new commercial community-use kitchen, supporting Canada’s next food industry leaders
Halifax, Nova Scotia – Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency – ACOA - The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of a safe, sustainable food supply for all Canadians. The Government of Canada is committed to giving businesses and communities the tools they need to be part of the economic recovery and emerge stronger than before. Innovation and supporting the future of the industry is essential to making this a reality for agenerations to come. This is why the government is working closely with community-based producers and organizations, such as Hope Blooms, that will not only make our food supply strong and sustainable, but also create entrepreneurial opportunities for youth in the agri-food sector.
Hope Blooms is a social enterprise that engages youth in socio-economically challenged areas of Halifax. It offers safety support networks, social innovation, and agri-food based social entrepreneurship opportunities to youth by helping them grow a variety of herbs, which they use to produce and sell dressings and teas. This positive environment has long-lasting impacts on youth and helps them break the cycle of poverty.
Federal support to the Global Kitchen for Social Change
Andy Fillmore, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities and Member of Parliament for Halifax, on behalf of the Honourable Mélanie Joly, Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, today announced a non-repayable contribution of $250,000 to Hope Blooms towards its Global Kitchen for Social Change.
The new 3,000 square-foot commercial community kitchen will complement the existing Hope Blooms garden and greenhouse, which are well established in the Halifax area. The new building will provide youth with the resources and space they need to create their agri-food social enterprise initiatives as well as enable Hope Blooms to diversify its product offerings, build new sales relationships and identify new innovative sales approaches. Newcomers and community members who have started their own food-related social enterprises and entrepreneurial ventures will also have access to the kitchen.
Today’s announcement is further proof of the Government of Canada’s commitment to Canada’s food and beverage-based businesses – helping them not just survive, but thrive. Initiatives like this one will help Canadians develop the skills they need to ensure that the food sector continues to play a major role in Canada’s economic prosperity for years to come.
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