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For grinding and crushing rock, and grinding tree stumps the Roto Crusher "Deep" can make it happen.

For grinding and crushing rock, and grinding tree stumps the Roto Crusher "Deep" can make it happen.

The Roto Crusher  "Deep" is a true below surface grade stone crusher that can grind up field stones in place and deep till to a depth of 16" in two passes.

Did you know that if you crush rocks and leave the material in place, the soil density remains the same, slowing the rising of more stones by frost?

The Roto Crusher can also can grind tree stumps in place to a depth of 16", and also re-juvenate gravel roads without having to truck in new material.

The Roto Crusher is truly a machine made for below surface grade work using carbide "Blonxx Pics" cutters that were developed for the mining industry, as opposed to other stone crushers on the market that are forestry mulchers adapted to work below surface grade.The carbide "Blonxx Pics" that are the cutting edge on the rotor of the Roto Crusher are long lasting, and stand up much longer that expensive square carbide hammers used on other competitive stone crushers.

The rotor of the Roto Crusher consists of Tungsten Carbide "Blonxx Pics" that are attached in a multi spiral pattern that work against a hydraulic adjustable serated steel grate to reduce to mulch any material it encounters.

An optional hydraulic curved rear leveling blade or full length rear roller has two functions; when up it serves as a guard frame / tree pusher, and when down it's a compacting / leveling depth control.

Each Roto Crusher is shipped with two complete heavy duty gearboxes to give the operator two rotor speeds, slow for rock crushing, and fast for working in wood material.

The Roto Crusher "Deep" model FPRD - T- 200 has a working width of two metres (6.5 ft.) and a weight of 8360 lbs. It requires a tractor with 2275 - 350 HP, 1000 rpm PTO and a CVT transmission.

There are smaller and larger models up to 500 HP available.

Source: Roto Crusher