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Frost May Impact Later Seeded Canola

Later seeded canola may be impacted from the frost earlier in the week.
Justine Cornelsen is an agronomy specialist with the Canola Council of Canada.
"We were hitting kind of that minus five range which can cause some damage," she said. "Thankfully, majority of our canola crop has kind of passed that really susceptible stage for frost damage. Some of the later seeded crops, that might have been reseeds or into June, they were at the potential for being above that 20 per cent moisture still. Those are the ones that we're kind of concerned about and needing to be watching for."
Cornelsen commented on canola yields so far.
"I know producers in the Red River Valley were dealing with a lot of heat. Not super high yields but happy enough with them. There's obviously a big range. Reports in the drier areas or areas that saw really extreme heat are in that 30 to 35 range but we're also seeing really good yields come off in the north where there was a little bit more moisture. Pushing up over into that 50/60 range if not even higher."
According to Manitoba Agriculture's weekly crop report, canola harvest is about 22 per cent complete.
The three-year average is close to 60 per cent.
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