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G3 Announces Acquisition of New Quebec Elevator

Winnipeg-based G3 Canada has announced the acquisition of a new grain elevator in southwestern Quebec. 

Already the operator of the Trois-Rivières and Québec City terminals, G3’s acquisition of Élévateurs Beauchemin in Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu will further strengthen the company’s presence in the region and address the need for “grain drying, storage, and market opportunities,” according to a company release. 

As a rapidly growing player in Quebec, G3 specializes in importing and exporting grains such as corn, soybeans, wheat, and rye. The Trois-Rivières and Quebec City terminals are strategically positioned to serve most agricultural producers and to accommodate ships of all sizes transiting through the St. Lawrence Seaway.  

In Saint-Denis-sur-Richelieu, G3 will provide producers with direct access to the supply chain for easier and faster grain export, bypassing intermediaries. G3 offers on-site grain drying, conditioning, and storage services, with the new elevator boasting a storage capacity of 30,000 tonnes. 

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Replenish Nutrients: revolutionizing agriculture with regenerative fertilizers

Video: Replenish Nutrients: revolutionizing agriculture with regenerative fertilizers

Replenish Nutrients co-founder and CEO Neil Wiens speaks to Proactive's Stephen Gunnion about the company's focus on regenerative fertilizers.

Replenish Nutrients specializes in mineral-based fertilizers made from rock phosphate, elemental sulfur, potash, and organic matter. What sets its products apart is the incorporation of proprietary biology, ensuring active biological mineral nutrients are released at the right time and place. The company targets the commercial farming sector in Western Canada, covering a substantial 100 million acres.

Wiens highlighted the support received from the government of Alberta, emphasizing its commitment to low-impact, low-greenhouse gas products. Replenish Nutrients recently received an emissions reduction grant, showcasing its dedication to reducing carbon emissions in comparison to traditional chemical fertilizers.

The interview also touched upon the strong market conditions, with a robust fourth quarter attributed to favorable weather, strong volumes, and normalized fertilizer prices.

Wiens said investors can anticipate exciting partnerships and technological advancements from Replenish Nutrients, contributing to the company's expansion and increased cash flow.