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Government of Canada collaborates with Quebec’s Ouranos to bring climate expertise to Canadians

Montréal, Quebec - Canadians are feeling the impacts of our changing climate. Last year, extreme weather caused $1.9 billion in property damage. As our climate changes, cities and towns, planners and builders, researchers and practitioners need reliable and accurate information on how our communities and lifestyles are affected. Last year, the Government created the Canadian Centre for Climate Services, ensuring Canadians can get accurate and authoritative climate information as they adapt to the impacts of climate change.
The Minister of Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, announced a new collaboration between the Canadian Centre for Climate Services and Ouranos, in Quebec. Through this collaboration, the Government of Canada is investing $1.25 million over five years, in Ouranos—a climate-science consortium based in Quebec. This investment will enhance Ouranos’s ability to share climate-science expertise and help Canadians plan for the impacts of climate change.
The Province of Quebec is an important partner to Ouranos. For over 15 years, Ouranos has been providing important climate information to regional and national clients, helping them identify and implement climate change adaptation strategies. Federal funding allows Ouranos to expand access to its climate services, including training. This funding will ultimately enhance the collective capacity to deliver coordinated climate services across Canada, ensuring Canadians are prepared for our climate-changed future.
Source : Government Of Canada

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