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Governments highlight funded activities for Manitoba farmers under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership

As the next step in implementing the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, Federal Agriculture Minister Lawrence MacAulay and Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler announced that applications are now open to Manitoba farmers for many activities included under the Ag Action Manitoba program.
“Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector is a key driver of Manitoba’s economy and a creator of well-paying jobs for our middle class,” said MacAulay. “Investing in Canada’s agricultural sector will help ensure it remains strong, innovative and sustainable.”
“Manitoba’s farmers are at the heart of our vibrant and growing agricultural industry,” said Eichler. “Funding available from Ag Action Manitoba will build on our province’s priorities for the sector, while ensuring farmers have opportunities to develop, grow and strengthen their businesses. I encourage all producers to learn more about the funded activities and the opportunities they may offer.”
The Ag Action Manitoba program for farmers supports the growth and sustainability of primary agriculture in Manitoba, with funding available for:
  • developing new skills, technologies and products;
  • increasing production and adding value to their products;
  • finding new markets;
  • improving plant and animal health;
  • supporting environmental sustainability; and
  • supporting basic and applied research and development.
  • Cost-sharing and funding caps for activities vary based on the activity. Farmers will also continue to have access to business risk-management programs.
Source : Manitoba Agriculture