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Two years after introducing the revolutionary BD7600 Box Drill line to the market, Great Plains is expanding its seeding solutions with the introduction of the new 50' BD7600. Based on producer feedback and industry demand, the BD7600 has received enhancements like the addition of a 50' model size, hydraulic drive with DrillCommand® capabilities, an exclusive Great Plains Metering System, and a durable, field-tested design.

Now available in widths from 26' to 50', the BD7600 also provides producers industry-leading box capacity with up to 3.8 bu./ft – over 180 bu. capacity for the 50' model. Sterling Stepp, Great Plains Associate Product Manager, said, “With the increase in working width and box capacity, the 50' BD7600 brings productivity and efficiency together to improve producer profitability. Whether producers need a simple-to-operate, ground drive unit or a technologically-advanced, hydraulic drive unit to overcome field variability, the new BD7600 50' sets each operator up for success.”

Using hydraulic drive and DrillCommand technology, producers can use variable-rate seeding and cost-saving section control features – now rivaling the productivity of an air drill with box drill simplicity. The Great Plains DrillCommand technology uses an easy-to-navigate interface that works with most ISOBUS-compatible monitors to provide manual section control and full, variable-rate seeding with a prescription map, select seed rate and speed adjustment options from the cab, monitor seed levels, receive in-cab diagnostics, and more.

At the heart of the BD7600 is the Great Plains Metering System, which allows the metering of large seeds, small seeds, fertilizer, and cover crops – all through the same seed cup. With its innovative design, producers can expect greater accuracy for both traditional and cover crops, as well as an easy calibration experience. Input gates located above the meter adjust the seed flow to the meter wheels, which allows producers to turn off rows to change row spacing and assist in calibration.

The BD7600 also features a heavy-duty box design that has been rigorously tested, completing over eight million twist cycles, to ensure industry-leading durability. Its geometry allows it to be filled completely without moving seed by hand, while a new split-box design allows the use of three different fertilizer-to-seed ratios.

In a recent field trial conducted by Great Plains Agronomist, Blake Bergkamp, the BD7600 further demonstrated its versatility when seeding soybeans. When compared to a planter, the BD7600, using 7.5" and 15" row spacings, provided significant economic and agronomic benefits, including an increased plant population and pods per plant, yield increase, and a noteable profit per acre increase.

Source : Great Plains

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