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Great Plains now offers Surefire Ag’s industry-leading liquid fertilizer application systems as a manufacturer-approved aftermarket solution for the BD7600 box drill. SureFire Ag’s liquid fertilizer systems allow producers to have more control and options over the delivery of their liquid fertilizer. The SureFire system is available on select models of the BD7600, including the 300-gallon (26ˈ models and 30ˈ models) and 400-gallon (40ˈ models) tank options.

SureFire has over 15 years of experience in helping producers meet their liquid fertilizer application needs, providing everything from basic to advanced individual row control systems. Nicholas Bowles, SureFire Ag Regional Sales Manager, says, “SureFire Ag focuses on using metering tubes as their distribution system to avoid plugging. This helps to create a scenario where we don’t have to worry about fertilizer plugging in the field. Also, the metering tubes are extremely accurate row-to-row with only 3.9% variance of accuracy, versus other distribution methods with 6 to 7% variance.”

The SureFire systems have two different pump options: the PumpRight, a hydraulic-driven diaphragm pump, or the Tower, a 12-volt electric pump for the smaller BD7600 models. Both pumps come with a SureFire E-Mag Flow Meter. Bowles says, “Our flow meter is unique in that it is electromagnetic and does not use any moving parts, so it eliminates the most common failures from mechanical flow meters.” SureFire offers several placement methods on the BD7600, including an out-the-back tube on the HD openers, in-furrow application, and more.

Source : Great Plains

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