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Guelph Tool Library receives $20,000 grant

The Guelph Tool Library is pleased to announce that they are the recipient of a Peavey Industries Community Agriculture Grant valued at $20,000. The funding will support the Guelph Urban Food Initiative, which includes the Guelph Seed Library, Backyard Caring Program, GROW Community Garden and the Urban Sugaring Project. 

The funding is being awarded by Peavey Industries, which owns and operates Peavey Marts across the country. The funding was issued as part of a national contest supporting Community Agriculture projects across Canada. Peavey Industries distributes $100,000 in grants each year to community gardens, projects, and organizations that support agricultural research and food insecurity.

Andrea Lacoursiere, Sponsorships and Community Engagement, for Peavey Industries Western Canada, says, "Peavey Industries LP, better known as Peavey Mart, is thrilled to support the Guelph Tool Library’s Urban Food Initiative. Fully appreciating a well balanced diet is integral to our physical health, we also cannot deny that a connection to nature, getting outside and growing our own food plays an important role in our mental health. Fostering a sense of belonging in community helps us all feel like we contribute. For us at Peavey, this is really where we do our best work. From meeting our customers in the aisles and sharing our knowledge, to supporting projects such as the Guelph Urban Food Initiative. We all know that a strong root system ensures healthy growth and bountiful yields. Taking on projects that address multiple barriers across systems is not easy work. We applaud the contributions made by the Guelph Tool Library in fostering a sense of holistic community health and are excited to support the Urban Food Initiative."

Guelph Tool Library Coordinator Meredith Sweeney oversees the GROW Community Garden and Backyard Caring Program. The programs support local food pantries while teaching homesteading skills. Sweeney says of the grant, “We are very grateful and excited to be the recipients of this grant from Peavey Mart - it’s going to have a lasting impact on our garden, allowing us to donate more fresh produce. We will be able  to build new raised beds that are physically accessible while offering higher yields. We are looking forward to making a long term impact with our food donations each season.”

Guelph Seed Library coordinator Susan Carey added, “This support will fund the seed library's expansion into local libraries, making vegetable, herb, native plant and pollinator-friendly seeds even more accessible to our community." The Guelph Seed Library was able to offer a pop-up location at the Scottsdale branch in 2021, but the Urban Food Initiative will provide a greater variety of seeds available in more locations for the next growing season. 

Those interested in attending workshops or becoming involved in these programs can follow along on the Guelph Tool Library social media accounts. Livestream video content is posted to their Instagram and Youtube pages regularly, and workshop registration can be found on Facebook or Eventbrite. Those not on social media can check the calendar online for additional information about events coming in 2021 and 2022.

Source : Guelph Today

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