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Hail Adjusters See A Busy Start To The Season

Early season storm activity has made it a busy start to hail season for adjusters.
This week’s report from the Canadian Crop Hail Association says storms occurred May 26, June 4, June 9, June 13-17.
According to the data about 200 hail claims have been reported across the Prairies over the last month.
President Rick Omelchenko says the majority of the claims are in Alberta with about 120 claims coming in from the Taber, Coaldale and Vauxhall areas and another 40 to 50 claims from Saskatchewan mainly around Cadillac and Albertville.
“Overall, Damage seems to be light to medium but causing more damage on our lentils and peas, beans and canola than our cereals. The cereals really didn't get affected too much because of the stage of growth, it was early enough that it's not really hurting them. But on the other plants there is some damage but it's not too severe at this time because of the crop being at its earliest stages.”
He notes e notHhManitoba Agricultural Services Corporation is reporting damage to fall rye, wheat, canola, soybeans and sunflowers in the Altona, Elkhorn and Miniota areas.
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