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Hanen Automatic Cattle Feeder Model LSF-12 Engineered To Expand For Future Cattle Herd Growth

Service Line, Inc. announces new increased functionality of their Hanen Model LSF-12 Automatic Solar-Powered Cattle Feeder designed for feeding twelve cattle. In response to customer requests for an economical way to accommodate future herd growth, the Hanen Model LSF-12 Automatic Solar Powered Cattle Feeder basic platform can now operate as a master power unit capable of driving additional feed hoppers as needed.
The Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Programmable Cattle Feeder is designed to dispense the correct levels of nutrition to livestock, up to 6 feedings per day. Unlike a creeper feeder, the Hanen Automatic Cattle Feeder feeding cycle is totally programmable, and animals respond to the audio signal in an orderly fashion.
The Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Programmable Cattle Feeder Model LSF-12 is engineered to be an affordable system for those working ranchers looking for the features and benefits that an automatic cattle feeder can provide, including reduced labor costs, lower wasted feed, programmed grain rationing, enhanced nutritional value for their livestock, and more free time for other activities. Easily connect two LSF-12 systems to feed twenty-four cattle. Additional benefits of the solar-powered model include remote unattended feeding, and reduced energy costs.
New options for the Hanen Automatic Cattle Feeder Model LSF-12 include a Frame Kit for increased stability when connecting multiple hoppers, and a Farm-rated Trailer Kit with wheels for mobility.
Hanen Automatic Programmable Cattle and Livestock Feeders are available in solar-powered or AC-powered configurations and include the Model LSF-12 Twelve Head Feeder, and two AC powered models intended for indoor use: Model LSF-2 Two Head Feeder and Model LSF-4 Four Head Feeder. Manufactured in the USA, the durable feeders are constructed of heavy gauge steel and are 100% powder-coated for extreme conditions. Dave Barney, president of Service Line, Inc. says, “I am dedicated to providing controlled nutrition that result in high quality animals”. The Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Programmable Cattle Feeder is ideal for the Working Ranch, Cow-Calf Operations, Seed Stock Production and Small Acreage Cattle Producers.
About Service Line, Inc.
Service Line, Inc. manufactures Hanen Automatic Solar-Powered Cattle Feeders, Renegade Parts Washers in automatic or manual, top load, front load and pass-through configurations for general repair and industrial production process cleaning, and Renegade detergents and additives. Service Line, Inc. products are manufactured in Reedsburg, Wisconsin, and are available in the U.S. and International markets. 
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