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Harborside Inc. Unveils State-of-the-Art One-Acre Growing Facility for Premium Flowers

OAKLAND, CA and TORONTO - Harborside Inc. (CSE: HBOR), today announced the unveiling of a state-of-the-art Dutch Venlo Greenhouse at its Harborside Farms growing facility in Salinas, CA. The project will grow premium flower varieties for the Harborside dispensaries and third party brands at wholesale.
Harborside began cultivation in the Venlo Greenhouse this week and anticipates increasing annual yields by approximately 10,000 pounds. The greenhouse provides an additional one acre of growing space and is equipped with solid glass paneling, heated radiant floors, a humidity purging system and a customizable automated LED lighting system. All premium flowers grown in this facility will be cultivated using sustainable practices and adhere to California's rigorous horticulture and harvesting standards.
"Dutch Venlo Greenhouses are the standard-bearer in the cannabis agriculture industry and we are fortunate to have one of our own," said Andrew Berman, Harborside CEO.  "This opportunity has given us incredible resources to help propel us to the next level as leaders in cannabis cultivation and manufacturing."
"Part of the promise of Prop 64 was the ability to move cannabis into real agricultural environments and introduce cost-saving technology. With the inauguration of our new high-tech Venlo greenhouse, the Harborside family is fulfilling that promise," said Steve DeAngelo, Harborside co-founder and Chairman Emeritus. "Harborside is committed to cultivating the best cannabis at the lowest price possible and will continue to review new technologies and implement the ones that will help us bring the best value to our clients."
Wholesale customers can purchase premium flower products grown in the Venlo Greenhouse starting in December. Harborside also anticipates introducing new flower varieties in the coming months after the first round of Venlo harvests.
Source : CISION