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Harvest Fair to close out 2019 season for Spruce Grove ag society

The Spruce Grove and District Agricultural Heritage Society is taking the region back to the past one last time.
The group will hold its annual Harvest Fair event at the grain elevator site in Spruce Grove Sept. 21. This is the final event for the society before they close for the winter. It will feature old-fashioned games, a hayride and will be free to attend. Elevator site manager and event coordinator Ela Guenette says they will be raising funds just from the food offered and, as always, are focused on community history.
“This is a great opportunity for people to come out to the elevator and learn about the role they played in the community,” she said. “We try to remind people why elevators were here and will have a lot of tools spread around to remind people of the importance of harvesting.”
Elevators across the province closed down as railways shut down lesser-used lines over time. This gave way to concrete terminals further inland where farmers now have to take their grain to sell. The Spruce Grove elevator was set to join some of its peers with a scheduled demolition in 1995, but was purchased by the ag society and is now a museum. For Guenette, showcasing that past is always a highlight of her position.
“I love to see them grin as they get that education and play simple games,” Guenette said at the Farm and Heritage Kids Carnival in August. “It is important and shows where we come from.”
She added more than 1,000 people have come through the site this summer and at the upcoming fair they would also have a vintage wood splitter available to examine. The past is faded for many, but for Guenette and her team, keeping it alive is a solemn and sacred duty.
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