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Harvey's Welcomes Back the Cheesy Mushroom Melt

VAUGHAN, ON, - Harvey's is welcoming back a fan favourite menu item - the Cheesy Mushroom Melt, available now at participating restaurants across Canada.

Made in true Harvey's fashion, the Cheesy Mushroom Melt features a flame-grilled patty made with 100% Canadian beef, sliced mushrooms sautéed in Harvey's iconic gravy with a slice of processed Swiss and Cheddar cheese. Top any of Harvey's burgers, chicken sandwiches or poutines with the Cheesy Mushroom Melt until March 26th, 2023.

Harvey's is celebrating the return of the Cheesy Mushroom Melt with a new TV commercial and nationally printed flyers with big savings which will be mailed to Canadians living near Harvey's restaurants on January 30th.

Harvey's Cheesy Mushroom Melt is available on the Harvey's mobile app, in-restaurant, and in the drive-thru.

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