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Hesston By Massey Ferguson® Introduces PTO-Driven MF1844 Small Square Balers

Hesston by Massey Ferguson® Introduces PTO-Driven MF1844
Three-Tie Small Square Balers
New MF1844 in-line balers deliver Hesston-quality three-twine bales,
plus less maintenance, more convenience and lower costs

Hesston by Massey Ferguson®, the industry-leading hay equipment brand from AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), introduced the all-new MF1844N and MF1844S balers to farmers during the 2013 World Ag Expo. These new PTO-driven balers are ideal for commercial hay harvesters and livestock operations throughout the West looking for dense, high-quality bales from an economical baler that requires little maintenance.
            The new Hesston MF1844S baler produces three-twine, 15-by-22-inch bales with Hesston-quality density, while the higher-capacity MF1844N builds slightly larger 16-by-22-inch bales. Both models produce bales from 36 to 48 inches in length, and weigh about 145 pounds in alfalfa, depending on how the hydraulic density control is set. These PTO-powered balers help hay growers put a high volume of hay in the bale without any of the added maintenance, downtime or fuel cost of balers powered with auxiliary engines.
            “We designed the MF1844 balers to meet the handling and transportation needs of hard-working Western harvesters who demand consistently dense, stackable, Hesston bales. These new PTO-driven balers are low-maintenance machines with less downtime, so operators can keep moving when conditions are right to bale hay at its optimum quality,” says Dean Morrell, manager of product marketing, Hay and Forage.
            The MF1844S and MF1844N feature hydraulic density control, which senses the resistance of the bales sliding through the bale chamber and sets the bale tension accordingly. Harvesters can monitor bale density from the gauges on the back of the baler and on the front shield, and make adjustments using the control box, ensuring they get the right size, weight and density of bales for their operation.
All the benefits of in-line balers
           Like all Hesston small-square balers, the MF1844S and MF1844N benefit from the innovative, industry-exclusive in-line design. Competitive balers require the plunger to form, cut and compress hay that’s side-delivered through the bale chamber into an individual bale slice. With Hesston in-line balers, each bale flake is pre-formed before it goes into the bale chamber, so the crop is more evenly distributed to each side of the bale — resulting in uniform bale density from top to bottom, side to side and end to end.

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