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Hope Remains For Decent Soybean Crop

Only about thirty per cent of Manitoba's soybeans have been harvested so far.
That number is far below the three-year average for this time of year which is 77 per cent.
Cassandra Tkachuk with Manitoba Pulse and Soybean Growers (MPSG) talked about the impact of the weekend storm.
"I would say most of them [soybeans] are still standing upright, but we have seen some lodging from that heavy, wet snow. The lodging might pose issues, but in the cases where we see it, it's not at significant parts of the field. So we're hopeful that by the time the snow melts and things dry up a little bit, to be able to get back on the fields that we can still take off some of those crops."
She says the majority of the damage to the soybeans was done before the snowfall, and was a result of the wetting and drying cycle that occurred.
If conditions allow, Tkachuk advises farmers to slow down while harvesting to avoid plugging the combine.
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