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In-Season Maintenance Tips for Hay Equipment

Things move fast during during the haying season. Unexpected downtime due to equipment repairs can be costly — both in terms of productivity and forage quality losses. Making daily inspections part of your routine, as well as staying on top of maintenance schedules, will help maximize your productivity. The operator’s manual will have a maintenance checklist for your specific equipment, but here are some overall suggestions to keep you in the field and out of the shop.

Routine Maintenance for Cutting Equipment
Whether you’re running a disc mower or a self-propelled windrower — like the new Hesston by Massey Ferguson WR Series — keeping on top of in-season maintenance provides short- and long-term benefits. Look for well-designed, maintenance-friendly equipment to make it easier on you and your team. Features such as sealed bearings or composite bushings minimize lube points. Additionally, models with longer service intervals will cut down on maintenance in the middle of your busy season. A large portion of Hesston by Massey Ferguson equipment offers a 50-hour service interval to help maximize your productivity.

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