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In time for Spring Planting, 435 hp Tier 4F MTZ-KIROVETS Tractors on display at Brandon, AgDays

In time for Spring Planting, 435 hp Tier 4F MTZ-KIROVETS Tractors on display at Brandon, AgDays

Mr. Arie Prilik, VP, Sales & Marketing, MTZ Equipment Ltd is pleased to announce that the MTZ-Kirovets Articulated Tractors are returning to the USA and Canada. Model K744 Tier 4F is available starting January 2019.

Starting at only $219,600 US, MSRP, this affordable, powerful tractor allows farmers to reduce significantly their input cost and keep more money in their pockets. Loaded with the most popular options (Duals, PTO, GPS) the tractor is priced at $259,000 US, saving $130,000-$200,000 compared to similarly equipped major competitors.

Powered by Mercedes-Benz, Nebraska tested OM470 Tier 4 Final 435 hp engine, MTZ-Kirovets K744 is a durable, reliable and affordable tractor for medium and large farms. Kirovets is world’s largest manufacturer of large articulated tractors. Since 1962, over 500,000 Kirovets articulating Tractors have been produced and sold in over 50 countries.

MTZ Equipment Ltd. is the exclusive distributor in the USA/Canada of MTZ-Kirovets Tractors. This latest model includes many features developed specifically for USA/Canadian farmers -

  • Durable, reliable 435 hp Tier 4F Mercedes-Benz engine - low DEF consumption.
  • Convenient modern Air ride cab with fingertip control platform, AC, Heat, Radio, standard
  • Automated 16x8 air shifting instead of old style levers.
  • 74 gpm Bosch-Rexroth hydraulics with fingertip controls.
  • Solid mechanical design – None of the complicated computers, electronics, finicky sensors.
  • Optimal weight distribution (52/48), ideal for pulling implements.
  • Significantly lower cab noise, mechanical linkages eliminated, and hydraulic pump was moved to the back of cab.
  • Loaded with extra features as part of standard package: Semi-Power Shift, PTO, Differential locks,
  • Drawbar rated at 11,000 lbs., 3 pt. Hitch, and more.
  • Complete Air system included: Air compressor, tanks, hoses, fittings. Handy to inflate tires, blow radiator, attaching pneumatic tools etc.
  • Easy to service and maintain with basic tools, available on most farms.
  • 30” or 36” tracks availability. “Bolt on” tracks, allowing to use same tractor either with wheels or tracks.
  • Parts support for both the older Kirovets tractors and current models, are available from over 50 qualified dealers across USA and Canada.


Convenient modern cab with fingertip control platform       



Drawbar rated at 11,000 lbs.

Source: MTZ Equipment