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Indiana Farm Bureau To Protect Livestock Farmers, Operations

By Amie Sites
The director of public policy with the Indiana Farm Bureau says the protection of livestock farmers and their operations is a priority for the organization for the 2018 legislative session.
Katrina Hall says the organization invites state legislators to farms so that they can see a farming operation first hand.
“So that they could see the modern techniques and the way livestock are humanely treated and cared for in a great way in our confined feeding operations,” she says.
She tells Brownfield there is a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to livestock, especially with CAFOs.
“Since we are under attack, or at least we certainly feel that way from folks who oppose that kind of farming operation, we have to get our story out and make sure they see it first-hand so that they don’t believe a description from somebody who wouldn’t be telling the accurate story,” she says.
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