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Introducing: Rhyzogreen, By Riomax

Redwood Falls, Minnesota - You may not be interested in regenerative agriculture or soil health. And that’s okay. But whether you’re into regenerative ag or not, there’s a good chance you ARE interested in land health and production. In other words, increasing plant yield and nutrient value. And that’s where Rhyzogreen™, the latest Riomax® product comes in.
Rhyzogreen™ is a direct food source for the soil microbial population, which impacts root structure, plant health & resilience, and ultimately yield.
Bottom line, soil health directly correlates to plant health. There’s an enormous amount of nutrients in the soil, but only a small percentage is available in a form the plant can use. It takes the soil’s microbes to convert soil nutrients into a form plants can absorb and use. And if a soil’s microbial community is stressed by poor growing conditions such as soil compaction, excess moisture, too little moisture, up to 80% of microbes can remain dormant or inactive.
Whether it’s corn or beans, small grains or alfalfa, hay ground or rangeland, the Rhyzogreen™ science works the same. Feed those microbial communities. Stimulate life. Set in motion a wonderful natural response.
Source : Riomax

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