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Iowa Agri-Women Report "Get in the Know" Event Success

Iowa Agri-Women Report "Get in the Know" Event Success

Iowa Falls, IA (AgPRNov. 20, 2015 -- “Get in the Know” was the theme for the 3rd Annual Iowa Agri-Women Fall Conference and it was a learning experience with real life facts and attended by gals and guys to expand their knowledge of happenings in Agriculture. 

Iowa Agri-Women leaders at the recent "Get in the Know" event. Those attending are pictured above and identified below: (1st row) Kaitlyn Bartling, Michelle Miller, Lori Lorenzen, Krystal Doolittle, Sharon Chism, Susan Wulf; (2nd row) Joy Reinert (pink shirt), Betsy Fickel, Jackie Kenyon, Annette Sweeney, Bobbi Finarty, Christy Schraden, Beth Grabau, April Hemmes; (3rd row) Sue Benning vice pres of Iowa Agri Women, Shannon Latham, Laura Hommel; (back row) Kelvin Liebold ISU extention specialist, Mindy Handsaker, Kim Bremmer and Larry Sailer.

Iowa Agri-Women President Annette Sweeney organized an outstanding program to help educate and inform members. "We're very fortunate to have oustanding Iowa women leaders involved in our organization and are looking forward to continuing to grow," Sweeney says.

Agricultural scientist and agvocate, Dr. Robb Fraley, Chief Technology Officer, Monsanto, started the day with the science of seed technology and development of crop science. Kristine Tidgren, from the Center of Agriculture Law and Taxation in Ames discussed with the group a very balanced view of the drainage district dispute that is happening in Iowa.

During lunch the room was buzzing as all were engaging in conversation about what was presented.

The afternoon was highlighted by Kim Bremmer of Ag InspirationsShannon Latham of Latham High-Tech Seeds' “The Field Position” and Larry Sailer “Musings of a Pig Farmer" presentations to the group of agriculture advocacy, blogging and getting engaged.

The afternoon concluded with a business meeting of Iowa Agri Women, drawings for ethanol gas cards provided by Hardin County Corn Growers and t-shirts from Iowa Corn Growers. A big thank you goes to Hardin County Extension for hosting, Kelvin Leibold for hosting and coordinating; and Iowa Corn and Hardin County Farm Bureau for their sponsorship.

February 9th "Iowa Agri-Women Capitol Hill Visit" Announced

President Sweeney encouraged attendees to mark February 9, 2016 on their calendar and invite others to attend the "Iowa Agri-Women Capitol Hill Visit" in Des Moines. The day starts with a "How to get around Capitol Hill" briefing. Then visits are planned with Lt. Gov. Kim ReynoldsSec. of Ag. Bill Northey, state legislators and representatives from key legislative committees. The day will conclude with a private World Food Prize Hall of Laureates building tour, activities update and reception. All Iowa commodity and farm organizations are encouaged to designate one or more representatives to join the Iowa Agri-Women for the event. 

About Iowa Agri-Women

Iowa Agri-Women has a mission to be the leading resource and advocate for women engaged in all aspects of agriculture. Our goal is to provide the educational opportunities women need to increase their skills in making business and financing decisions. We also seek to provide women opportunities to build networks and friendships with other women actively involved in today’s agricultural industry. The intent of Iowa Agri-Women is to identify the unique needs of women who are involved in agricultural production and in agribusiness and to provide the network of resources and expertise necessary to successfully meet those needs.

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About American Agri-Women
American Agri-Women (AAW) promotes the welfare of our national security through a safe and reliable food, fiber and mineral supply. Since 1974, AAW members have worked together to educate consumers; advocate for agriculture; and offer networking and professional development opportunities.

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