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IPPA Honors Iowa’s Master Pork Producers, Pork Partners

Iowa’s Master Pork Producers for 2022 were revealed Wednesday night at the 2023 Iowa Pork Congress banquet in Des Moines. The Iowa Pork Producers Association (IPPA) and Iowa State University Extension co-sponsor the program.

A Master Pork Producer award denotes an individual’s or family’s excellence in pork production, as measured by their pork production statistics, their commitment to We Care® principles, and their contribution to their community. The We Care principles outline a pig farmer’s responsibilities to uphold high standards for animal well-being, food safety, the environment, as well as support of their local community.

IPPA’s 81stth class of Master Pork Producers are:

  • Chris and BreeAnn Bohnenkamp, Remsen
  • Steve and Lisa Thul, Bode
  • Mark Schleisman, Lake City
  • Brad & Donell Nagel and Matt & Kate Nagel, Little Rock
  • Nate and Melissa Moretz, Kensett
  • Steve Doeden, Cleghorn
  • Ben Bader, Jesup

IPPA started the Master Pork Producer Award program in 1942 and has now named 1,506 Iowa pig farming businesses as Master Pork Producers.

The Pork All-American is Curt Winters, Sioux Center. The IPPA Pork All-American award was established in 1970 to honor producers 40 years of age or younger who have established themselves as community leaders and successful and dedicated business people. Winners also have previously been named Master Pork Producers. Winters received the Master Pork Producer award in 2009 with his parents, Lloyd and Norma Winters.

In 2014, IPPA created the Master Pork Partner Award to recognize outstanding production partners who have made positive impacts in Iowa pork production, even though they don’t have active daily roles at a specific production site.

The 2022 Master Pork Partners are:

  • Pat Weber, who has had many responsibilities in the swine business through his life and is currently with JBS as a production manager for grow-finish facilities. He lives in Cedar Falls.
  • Rex Yearous, owner of Rex A. Yearous Trucking LLC, Quasqueton.
  • Jim McMillan, DVM, a veterinarian at the Winthrop Veterinary Clinic; McMillan lives in Independence.

The Master Pork Awards Program Selection Committee is made up of staff from the ISU Extension Service, the Iowa Pork Industry Center at Iowa State, and the Iowa Pork Producers Association. Award winners are nominated by their peers and neighbors, and represent the diversity of Iowa’s pig farms and the people who support pork producers. That production diversity helps maintain the strength of the industry and enables Iowa producers to compete successfully in the domestic and international commodity and niche markets.

Nominations for the 2023 Master Pork Program awards will open in May.

Source : Iowa Pork Producers Association

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