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By Leslie Stewart |

New Holland announced their new GENESIS T8 tractor with PLM Intelligence™ recently at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Ky.

And the enhancements are receiving excellent reviews across the industry.

“The new cab on the Genesis T8 provides the latest technology and ultimate comfort, allowing our customers to be more productive every day,” Brian Osterndorff recently explained to

Osterndorff is co-owner of Robert’s Farm Equipment, based in Chesley, Lucknow and Mount Forest, Ont.

Similar comments came from the farm-show floor in Louisville.

“This is the culmination of five to six years of customer clinics, getting feedback, and infield tests with customers to make sure we’re providing the most ideal cab experience,” explained Luke Zerby, marketing manager for New Holland.

The reconfigured cab features a brand-new SideWinder™ Ultra armrest to provide easy access to key controls.

“We’ve taken the external controls that used to be behind you and put them in the armrest or the display,” Zerby told at the February event.

With the no-look operations, a farmer can focus on the task at hand.

The SideWinder™ Ultra features configurable color-coded hydraulic remotes to control all eight valves from any hydraulic button in the cab.

The CommandGrip™ handle features an ergonomic design with improved button placement and allows the producer to control transmission functions and hydraulic remotes.

“It’s a nice, robust system with lots of customization,” Alan Crocker of Stewart’s Equipment recently told

Stewart’s operates its equipment dealership in Erin, Ont.

“It allows the operator to easily manage all functionality of the tractor and implements,” said Crocker recently.

Users have the option to program up to nine configurable buttons for quick functionality.

Zerby sets two of his buttons up to control his lights while he’s working in the field with a grain cart.

“When I’m coming up to the grain cart, I can flip off the lights, so I don’t blind the other operator.

“As soon as I pull away, I’ve got my stadium lighting back on again and I can see everything in my field.”

Users can easily access controls for the multi-zone HVAC and defrost system through the armrest for increased climate comfort and visibility.

The SideWinder™ Ultra offers Bluetooth connectivity so that producers can easily control their phone and radio through the built-in controls.