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It's Global Bio-Tech Week!

Agriculture is a constantly evolving industry.
In proclaiming this week Bio-Tech Week, Agriculture Minister David Marit says biotechnology helps us to keep up with the demands that come along with that.
“Thanks to cutting-edge research, our industry is making significant strides in areas such as environmental stewardship and disease resistance in crops.”
Over the years, Saskatchewan and Saskatoon has become known as a hub for Bio-Technology.
A key member of that sector is Ag West Bio, Jackie Robin says Saskatchewan is thought of in the industry as a powerhouse in Agricultural Bio-technology adding they work on connecting research to commercialization.
“So, if there’s an entrepreneur or a researcher with technology that they want to get it to market. We help these people to develop business plans, and we help them to fill in any gaps that they may have on their route to commercialization.”
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