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John Deere Electronic Variable Transmission: What Is It?

When you’re on the hunt for a tractor that can provide an ample amount of power without compromising speed and control, you know you can turn to John Deere. The Electric Variable Transmission (EVT) featured on John Deere’s 8 and 9 Series Tractors for model year 2023 is specifically designed to fulfill this customer need. As agricultural producers look ahead to the future of farming, they can move forward with confidence knowing that the EVT can help them boost efficiency and productivity throughout the year.

Electronic Variable Transmission

What is Electronic Variable Transmission?

“An EVT has electric motors in place of the hydrostatic motors that improve transmission performance, reliability, and increased efficiency,” explains Ryan Jardon, marketing manager for John Deere. “The EVT brings everything customers appreciate from an Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), into higher horsepower 8 Series Tractors. Inherently, the electrical components of an EVT are extremely reliable, offer tremendous longevity, and provide better overall tractor control, along with a system built for easy serviceability and diagnostics. In addition, customers will notice an EVT operates more quietly than an IVT.”

In a typical application, an EVT is situated within the drive train of a vehicle. The primary function of the EVT is to work as a power split transmission. It also provides inherent overload protection while dampening vibrations for a smoother ride. A drive train that utilizes EVT is considered a hybrid drive train. When the battery is removed, the EVT can operate as a “simple” continuously variable transmission.

Benefits of John Deere Stepless Electric Variable Transmission (EVT)

The EVT has already been proven to help agricultural producers in other regions of the world. In Europe, equipment featuring powered axles already utilizes the EVT to push tractors from behind while out in the field.

“EVT technology offboards electricity from the tractor to provide added power to the implement and can reduce wheel slip, improve up-hill performance, and enables the tractor to pull wide implements without the need for extra ballast or a larger tractor,” Jardon continued.

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