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John Deere Expands W200 Windrower Series Lineup and Optional Mounted-Merger

OLATHE, Kansas — John Deere expands its windrower series with the new W260M model, enabling increased productivity and efficiency. Offering an additional higher horsepower model at the M specification level, operators can cut a denser crop more efficiently. Additionally, the all-new W260M seamlessly pairs with the new mounted-merger option, allowing operators to combine up to 14.6 metres (48 feet) into one windrow. Providing the opportunity for less future passes by eliminating merger and chopper passes. Which ultimately can lead to less fuel usage and a more sustainable approach, with less crop damage.

The mounted-merger also is compatible with existing windrower models — W235M, W235R and W260R. The complete solution set eliminates the need for an additional field pass, saving growers time and money.

"Dairy feed producers are looking for ways to improve profitability that doesn't increase labor hours. The new W260M and mounted-merger solution set helps accomplish just that," said Kaylene Ballesteros, John Deere hay and forage go-to-market manager. "Our customers need to do more with less to combat rising costs within the industry. A solution that offers time savings with less passes allows them more time and money to focus on other areas of their operation."

The John Deere windrower portfolio also offers industry-leading technology such as AutoTrac™ guidance, TouchSet™ that allows operators to make adjustments to windrow shape and conditioning, as well as mowing documentation in John Deere Operations Center™ for easy job tracking and better decision making.

The W260M and merger option will be available at John Deere dealerships this fall

Source : John Deere

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