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John Deere Introduces Telescopic Compact Wheel Loader

OLATHE, Kansas – Compact wheel loaders are one of the fastest-growing classes of equipment in agriculture today, and for good reason. Their versatility makes them the perfect do-all tools for stacking, loading, pallet transport, even snow removal. John Deere’s new 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader is a powerful, easy-to-operate loader that’s sure to find a welcoming home on farms across the country.

“Ranchers and dairy producers will love the 326 P-Tier for its reach, its flexibility and its lift capacity,” said Luke Gribble, John Deere go-to-market manager. “Operators will enjoy it for the cab visibility, the boom controls and the exclusive Articulation Plus steering system. Put it all together, and the 326 P-Tier is a real ‘multitool’ for the farm or ranch.”

Lift, load and stack with over 16 feet of reach

Starting at the business end, the 326 P-Tier telescopic compact wheel loader offers 16-plus feet of reach from its telescopic lift arm – more than enough to stack bales or load TMRs – while still being compact enough to work in barns or other tight spaces. Extending and retracting the telescoping arm is performed with the mini-joystick located on the main control lever, meaning operators don’t have to remove their hands from the main controls to activate the arm.

To help guard against overloading the arm, the Load Torque Indicator System gives visual and audible alarms if stability limits are exceeded during lifting, lowering or extension. If the stability limit is reached, movement of the lift arm is only possible if the movement reduces the load. In addition, a separate indicator warns of potential overload of the tilt cylinder.

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