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KAP Wants Better Cell, Broadband Coverage

Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP) has launched a rural connectivity survey aimed at better understanding the issues facing both cellular coverage and broadband access across the province.
“Our members are some of the most poorly served by telecommunications in Canada because they live and run their businesses in rural areas with limited population density,” said KAP Director Sam Connery-Nichol. “Manitobans in rural areas are missing out on key information, including emergency alerts, and are often unable to call for help on their farms due to a lack of cell coverage.”
KAP has been advocating for years for improved broadband service in rural areas. The organization has put forward a number of policy resolutions, urging both the provincial government and the federal government to invest in quality coverage for all areas of the province.
The farm lobby group says a lack of access to reliable, affordable broadband internet prevents farmers from being able to take advantage of educational opportunities and technological advances that would make their operations more efficient and ultimately more successful.
KAP is encouraging both farmers and non-farmers alike from across the province to share their experiences.
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