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Kinze to Unveil 5670 Pivot-Fold, Split-Row Planter at National Farm Machinery Show

By Dan Miller

Kinze Manufacturing is putting on display this week at the National Farm Machinery Show its new 5670 pivot-fold, split-row model planter for the 2025 planting season.

"This is our next-generation split-row offering," said Brad Niensteadt, lead product specialist for Kinze. "The planter is new from the ground up." The 5670 planter is available in 12/23-row and 16/31-row configurations. It can be used as a dedicated narrow-row planter or a multi-crop planter.

The push units on the 5670 are of a new design. "It's the first time we've offered a cast-iron push unit," Niensteadt said. The pull units are cast iron as well. This planter has the same features as built into Kinze's other 5000 series planters -- the 5900 and 5700 series planters -- such as 12 inches of row unit travel and fully cast double bushing parallel arms. Kinze first introduced push-row units 40 years ago.

"All the wear components have been strengthened to increase durability, and that has more than doubled the service life compared to our old generation push-row units," Niensteadt explained. If you're getting 200 (row acres) on the old row units, you should expect close to 400 on the new one before you have to start doing maintenance on high-wear components, he said.

But it's not only the design of the push-row unit that gives the 5670 its strength. "It starts where it bolts to the tool bar itself," Niensteadt said. For example, Kinze increased the strength of the face plates physically mounted to the tool bar more than 45%.

For the first time, Kinze is offering a split-row planter with a factory-installed fertilizer package, with a bulk-fill seeds component. Both 16-row (120-bushel seed capacity) and 12-row (80-bushel seed capacity) planters can be fitted with 300-gallon liquid fertilizer packages.

Here are other features offered with the Kinze 5670:

  • Residue control, closing wheel, fertilizer and seed-handling options to meet the requirements of each farm.
  • An all-new frame featuring 24 inches of toolbar clearance, an adjustable active hydraulic weight transfer system, up to 30 degrees of wing flex and VF radial tires.
  • Blue Vantage display-controlled onboard 300-gallon fertilizer system featuring a diaphragm-style pump, delivery rates of 2-25 gallons per acre, optional factory-installed plumbing to connect to saddle tanks or a nurse tank, and an automatic tank-leveling system to maintain equal fertilizer levels in both onboard tanks while planting on slopes.
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