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Launching the Lufa Farms Foundation

MONTREAL, - Lufa Farms announces the launch of their registered Charity in order to grow their Direct Giving Program. This vital step toward improving access to fresh food for Quebec families in need is accompanied by a new long-term partnership with the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon through their mission-oriented investment of $7 million made in the form of a loan.

With the launch of the Lufa Farms Foundation, the company will be supporting twice as many families without any administrative costs thanks to their automated online platform. The Lufa Farms Foundation is fully independent with dedicated governance, making it possible to collect external donations and meet the basic needs of families in vulnerable situations.

The investment made by the Chagnon Foundation will contribute to the continuation of The Direct Giving Program.

This new partnership with the Lufa Farms Foundation and  the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation allows us to build a whole new form of effective, direct, and transparent philanthropy in order to improve food security in Quebec.
-Mohamed Hage, Co-CEO of Lufa Farms

Doubling our beneficiaries
This spring, the Foundation will be doubling their beneficiary from 125 to 250 families thanks to the generosity of their customers and the support of their new partner, the Lucie and André Chagnon Foundation. The Foundation is now looking for new partner organizations who are also fighting food insecurity to support even more individuals in need.

In conclusion, the Direct Giving Program is a direct result of the social and cultural problem-solving mentality that led to the creation of Lufa Farms: identify a problem, find an innovative and effective solution, and then replicate it. A beneficiary affiliated with a partner non-profit of the Direct Giving Program, Benedict Labre House, shares the daily impact of their initiative: "Thank you very much for your baskets: I feel like I am living a dream - to be able to start tasting and eating healthy again. My daughter is ecstatic!"

The Direct Giving Program at a Glance:
How it works: Beneficiaries receive $25 per week per family member plus a 50% discount on fruits and vegetables to shop for online groceries delivered to their home (just like any other Lufa Farms customer).
Number of beneficiary families: 120 families (550 people/individuals in all).
Number of partner organizations affiliated to the program: 7.
Number of individual donors in 2022: 9,859.
Amount of donations received in 2022: $470,000.
Amount granted by Lufa Farms: $93,000.
Administrative and overhead costs for program management: $0.

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