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Local farmers protest Dutch plan to cut fertilizer use

CASSELMAN — Eastern Ontario farmers rolled tractors and pickup trucks in a day-long show of solidarity with Dutch farmers who have for weeks protested onerous impending fertilizer restrictions and herd cuts in the Netherlands.

The local July 23 effort drew machines festooned with upside down Canadian and Dutch flags — symbol of the Netherlands’ agricultural resistance — to Ottawa, Russell, Casselman and Vaughn Mills.

In the Nation’s Capital, a reported 200 people rallied in front of the Dutch embassy before marching to Parliament Hill.

In Casselman, upwards of 50 vehicles and tractors gathered at a gas station outside of town before forming a convoy that travelled east along Route 700 toward St. Isidore.

The Dutch government triggered mass protests by farmers after the June release of a plan to cut nitrogen fertilizer emissions 50% by 2030. The plan would also require some livestock farmers to reduce their herd size by that much or more.

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