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Local Trucking Company Celebrates 90 Years

A family run cattle hauling company nestled along the No. 2A Highway on the outskirts of the hamlet of Cayley is celebrating 90 years in the business.
A.C. Tetachuk trucking was founded by Alec Tetachuk, who is described by his family as a man with many irons in the fire and a pioneering spirit, which lives on as the family marked the company's 90th anniversary this year.
Holly Tarasoff carries on the business and legacy of her late family members with the hard work of her husband Eugene driving truck, and children Sheldon, Brandon, Taralee and Chanice Tarasoff.
The trucking company is truly a family affair with Brandon's Kenworth on the road in addition to his welding experience, Sheldon as the mechanic of the family, and the rest of the siblings supporting where they can.
Along with spotting their two truck fleet along the highway, most may associate the family name with the historic landmark shop "Alec's Auto Service" along the No. 2A Highway overlooking the village, which was run alongside the trucking company.
According to the family's collected history, Alec's service station was first built in Cayley in 1937, where he purchased the old bank building and then converted it into the service station.
A fire later burnt down the building, and the new shop was built along the highway, which opened in 1944.
Alec's daughter Holly says there was also a coffee shop built on the corner which served truckers travelling along what was the main highway in those days.
She says her father was the second person in Alberta to own a cattle liner.
However, his loads weren't limited to cattle, as the family says he also hauled lumped coal, gasoline by the barrel, grain and hogs.
In a quote collected in the family's archives, Alec said, "I loved my life in trucking. I liked driving around meeting people and seeing the country."
On their website, the family says Eugene and the drivers still work out of the original service station that Alec built in the forties, although the equipment has all been updated.
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