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Manitoba Crop Report

Manitoba Agriculture says overall harvest is 13% complete.
Oilseed Specialist Dane Froese says that number is behind normal.
"We should expect this though, given that crops did go in a little later and we had some moisture issues and quite a number of crops were reseeded, so that does push maturity a little bit later. However, we're not in a dangerous position at this time given that weather has been cooperating and we've had a warm dry finish to much of the growing season for our early crops, so that is allowing them to come off reasonably quickly and generally with good quality and lower moisture."
Late-season dryness together with high heat has prompted premature ripening in some soybean and corn fields where soil moisture was low.
Reported wheat yields to date have been average to slightly below average, given stresses faced by all crops this spring. Oats and barley yields are average to above average.
Greenfeed cereal silage and straw baling is continuing.
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