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Manitoba government gives significant rent reduction for land leases

In a proactive response to the challenges faced by Manitoba's agricultural producers, the provincial government has taken a significant step to bolster their support. Premier Wab Kinew and Agriculture Minister Ron Kostyshyn have announced a substantial increase in the rent reduction for Agricultural Crown Land (ACL) leases. This boost elevates the reduction from 33% to a notable 55% reduction, effective immediately for the 2024 growing season.

Premier Kinew emphasized the government's unwavering commitment to helping the province's agricultural producers who have weathered hardships in recent years. He highlighted the adverse effects of previous changes made by a former government, which had impacted every facet of producers' businesses, including production and market costs. The new rent reduction measure is designed to effectively maintain rates at 2023 levels, injecting crucial support that totals more than $2 million.

Agricultural Crown lands hold immense significance as essential public assets, contributing economically, environmentally, and socially to the province. Minister Kostyshyn stressed the government's dedication to ensuring that ACL lease rates remain affordable, aligning with the objectives outlined in the agriculture minister's mandate letter. Additionally, the government commits to ongoing assessments and improvements of the ACL program to better serve Manitoba's producers.

The Manitoba government places a strong emphasis on the responsible and sustainable use of Crown land, employing a meticulous planning process that considers land use intensity and development potential for various parcels. The ACL program not only supports ecological goods and services but also plays a vital role in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

Dale Myhre, a seasoned rancher in the Parkland region, expressed gratitude for the government's responsiveness to the needs of Crown leaseholders. He emphasized how this reduction in Crown lease rents has brought renewed hope to beef producers who were previously facing desperation.

Source : Small Farm Canada

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