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Manitoba Hydro Wins KAP Safety Award

This year's KAP Manitoba Farm Safety Award was presented to Manitoba Hydro.

Graham Schellenberg is Communications and Government Relations Manager for Keystone Agricultural Producers (KAP).

"In the past few years, KAP and Manitoba Hydro have been strong allies on farm safety here in Manitoba and really the impetus for awarding Manitoba Hydro this award is their relationships and their collaboration with KAP to reduce the number of contacts between farm equipment and electrical infrastructure," he said. "It's a real concern when you look at farm safety here in Manitoba, the potential for damage to equipment and to infrastructure, that is ever so essential."

Schellenberg commented further on Manitoba Hydro's role in promoting safety.

"They've been serving farmers to understand their perspectives when it comes to working safely around electrical infrastructure and the programs that Manitoba Hydro offers for farmers," he said. "Their work to ensure that farmers understand the rules and regulations that apply to them. The programs that are available to them and how to drive and operate safely around electrical infrastructure is the big reason for giving them this award."

KAP's Manitoba Farm Safety Award was announced during the recent Safetys Virtual Gala.

The Safetys was created to present several Manitoba occupational safety and health awards, including KAP's Manitoba Farm Safety Award. The award is given to a person, workplace or organization taking action to improve workplace safety and health in agriculture.

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