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Manitoba Pulse Specialist Expects Increase In Pea Acres

The province's pulse specialist Dennis Lange would like to see more pea acres grown in Manitoba.

"Last year we actually saw a bit of an increase over the 2017 growing season and I found that quite interesting because of all the issues that have been happening in India and not being able to ship as many peas," he said. "We ended up with about 80,000 acres in 2018 and that's up from 65,000 in 2017. With the interest this year, I could see we could probably hit somewhere around 100,000 acres and it's a nice gradual progression."

Lange took part in a pair of meetings held last week in Swan River and Roblin, two of the highest concentrations of peas in the entire province. Cargill and Roquette also joined Manitoba Agriculture at the events.

A third meeting is being discussed for southern Manitoba.

Source : Steinbachonline