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Marit Announces Funding For Crop Related Research

There was another key funding announcement at CropSphere.
The Federal and Provincial Government announcing $11 million dollars in funding for crop related research projects through Saskatchewan’s Agriculture Development Fund.
Saskatchewan Agriculture Minister David Marit made the announcement in Saskatoon.
“One of the key things that's really important for us to invest in research is, obviously, to be competitive globally and in new products. New crops, new varieties, new technology, higher yielding, but it also gives us an opportunity to attract some of the brightest minds around the world that want to come and do research here at the University.”
He says the money will go to support 47 crop-related research projects in the Province.
“With the wheat technology, trying to find new varieties and new disease resistance. Even in the canola…some of the projects that I saw approved was, you know, trying to improve the quality so that we can see that earlier in the spring. Things like that for cold weather and, then you see the value added side for extracting proteins from pulses and from other crops and other grains to do value add and create. It's phenomenal research and really is groundbreaking to say the least.”
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