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May CWT-assisted Dairy Export Sales Totaled 5 Million Pounds

CWT member cooperatives secured 41 contracts in May, adding 4.1 million pounds of American-type cheeses, 99,000 pounds of butter, 88,000 pounds of whole milk powder and 717,000 pounds of cream cheese to CWT-assisted sales in 2023.

In milk equivalent, this is equal to 46.3 million pounds of milk on a milkfat basis. These products will go to customers in Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, Oceania, South America and Middle East-North Africa, and will be shipped from May through November 2023.

CWT-assisted 2023 dairy product sales contracts year-to-date total 19.7 million pounds of American-type cheese, 594,000 pounds of butter, 24.6 million pounds of whole milk powder, 4.1 million pounds of cream cheese and 2,000 pounds of anhydrous milkfat. This brings the total milk equivalent for the year to 407.6 million pounds on a milkfat basis.

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