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Mental Health Resource Empowers 4-H Youth Members to Take Charge of Their Own Mental Wellbeing

Ottawa, Ontario – 4-H youth members across the country now have access to a new mental health activity kit called Unbox Your Mind as part of 4-H’s broader Healthy Living Initiative. This resource will empower youth to get to know themselves better and find mental health practices and solutions that best fit their unique mental health needs. 

This initiative, which is a continuation of 4-H Canada’s focus on supporting youth mental health and wellbeing, provides tools, support, and guidance for 4-H leaders, families, and youth members, as well as non-4-H families, groups, and youth, to become mental health champions. When it comes to mental health there is no “one size fits all” approach. Unbox Your Mind offers resource materials, tip sheets, hands-on activities, and strategies, providing youth with a variety of ways they can explore different tools and strategies to discover what works best for them.

“Mental Health is more important right now than ever. We know that youth, and their families, are looking for ways to feel supported, meaningfully connect with others, learn new skills and have fun,” said Shannon Benner, CEO, 4-H Canada. “4-H Canada is deeply committed to making sure youth have the tools and resources they need to manage today’s complicated world and be leaders in charting their own path to sustainable and positive mental health.”

Cargill, a proud sponsor of 4-H Canada and the Unbox Your Mind kit, is a strong advocate for mental health.  “Good mental health is just as important as good physical health, and we’ve worked hard to reduce the stigma associated with mental health and ensure that our employees and their families have the tools, resources and support they need” said Jeff Vassert, President, Cargill Canada. “That’s why we’re so pleased to support the work that 4-H Canada is doing to raise awareness of mental health issues and provide access to resources that will strengthen our communities. We believe these tools and resources are crucial to ensure Canada’s next generation of agriculture leaders are provided with the support they need to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.” 

The Unbox Your Mind activity kits were also supported by UFA and with funding from the Government of Canada. A generous donation was also made by the Turkey Farmers and Processors of Canada through The Wishbone Project.

Clubs, whether completing activities at the same time or independently, and individuals can access the Activity Kits, with contents tailored to the type of recipient. 

Source : 4-H Canada

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