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Merz Farm Equipment Celebrates 70 Years, Announces Expansion

Single-store Nebraska AGCO dealer Merz Farm Equipment celebrated their 70th anniversary on March 9 with a "Thank You" event for their customers, employees and reps. The event included an evening dinner and a performance from country artist Logan Mize.

According to General Manager Mitch Merz, the most important "Thank You" of the evening was to their families.

"They sacrifice time with their loved ones, they sacrifice just as much as the ones out doing the work," he says. "Their spouse has to do extra, their kids have to help do the work. And when it gets down to it they are the reason we all do what we do. We don’t achieve this without everyone of them. We showed a video that told this story. My favorite line of the video is 'Their successes are our successes.'

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