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Mike Wilson Joins VERITAS Farm Management Services


Mike Wilson joins forces with VERITAS Farm Management Services

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Ontario’s leading provider of precision farming solutions has added one of Ontario’s precision ag leaders.  Mike Wilson, a highly recognized and respected name in the precision agriculture community has joined forces with VERITAS Farm Management Services and will be responsible for growing the footprint of the company in Ontario under the new VERITAS Affiliate Program.

Aaron Breimer, Manager of VERITAS, introduced Wilson as the VERITAS Affiliate Program Lead and explained the new offering as one that “extends the VERITAS expertise and support to independent agronomy consultants and ag retailers who share our conviction that vast opportunity exists in Ontario’s fields”.  

“Mike will lead our recruiting effort to seek out Ontario’s most respected providers of crop production knowledge and advice” says Breimer.  “He will be the primary connector of those consultants to the Veritas technical team and the services they provide to Ontario farmers.”   Breimer added that the goal of the Affiliate Program is not to become the affiliate’s brand, but rather to “support and enhance their own established brand with precision expertise and services that they may not otherwise have access to or ability to afford”. 

Wilson is a graduate of the University of Guelph, Ridgetown with a diploma in Agriculture and is a Certified Crop Advisor.  He has held various sales and leadership roles in the ag retail industry since graduating, and in his most recent position was the manager of precision agronomy for a major Ontario retailer.

Say’s Wilson about his new role and precision agriculture: “I’m very passionate about agriculture and agronomy and I have spent the last 10 years of my career  helping farmer’s see the value and the impact that precision ag technologies have on their farm businesses”.  “I’m very excited about the opportunity this provides to work with some of the best agronomists across Ontario and help them deliver improved efficiency and profitability to their farm clients.”  

Breimer and Wilson have shared their insight and experiences in precision agriculture with various audiences throughout Ontario over the past few years and share the view that “the promise of precision farming is that it can make us all better and smarter at what we do.”   Wilson goes on to say that precision farming “is also helping us respond to some of our biggest challenges in agriculture, including nutrient management, soil conservation and farm profitability.” 

Ontario agricultural consultants and retailers interested in learning more about the VERITAS Affiliate Program should contact Mike Wilson at 519-809-0226 or Aaron Breimer at 519-401-0264.

VERITAS is an independently operated and wholly owned division of South West Ag Partners Inc. with offices in Chatham and Parkhill, Ontario.  They specialize in the delivery of advanced farm business management services including precision agriculture, nutrient management plans, human resource support for farms and grain marketing advisory services.  VERITAS has been operating since 2010 and delivers services across 750,000 Ontario acres.