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Mother Nature Great Desiccant For Soybeans

Soybeans are one crop that has gained a lot of interest in Saskatchewan.
The crop is well suited to production in the South East, but it is being grown in other areas as well.
Stats show that Soybean acreage in Saskatchewan is down about a third from last year, to 130 thousand acres for this year.
Sherri Roberts is a Crops Extension Specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture out of the Weyburn office.
She says there are some really nice looking crops and producers should see some decent yields this year.
“I was talking to a young gentleman up in the Edenwold area and he’d been worried about his crop this Spring because of course moisture had been kind of at a premium. He called me and said oh man I’ve got about 60 pods per plant and he says there are three seeds in a pod. He’s just happy as can be. So there are some really good soybean crops out there this year but it’s one of those crops that you need that moisture in the latter part of July and into August.”
She notes when it comes to harvesting, Mother Nature and a good hard frost is the best desiccant.
“That crop will just naturally dry down itself and once you get underneath it you know that 16% moisture you can take it off the field. You want to make sure if you are taking it off hot that you have got some aeration going on it because of course, soybeans, like any other crop if you put it in the bin right away and their not at the right moisture they can get some molding issues.”
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