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MP Perspective on Agriculture Issues Following Federal Election

Many in the western part of Canada were not pleased that agriculture was not a prominent issue in the recent federal election. Selkirk, Interlake-Eastman MP James Bezan shares his perspective.
"I can tell you that, at our debates that we had here in Selkirk-Interlake-Eastman that, agriculture dominated the conversation," notes Bean. "As a former cattle producer myself, and one that was very active in both agri-business and farm politics, I was also disappointed that we didn't hear much at the national level discussed."
He explains that the Conservative platform included a strong commitment to agriculture that would fix agri-stability in farm programs to make it easier to administrate, be more affordable, predictable and bankable for farmers. Bezan notes they need something responsive to farmers' needs.
He adds, especially with the terrible year they've faced, with drought and now a wet harvest, "Agriculture producers across Manitoba and across the prairie region are facing very uncertain times. And the government should be there to help support them after we get this crop off the field. So, we'll continue to push for those changes."
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