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New-Crop Chickpea Prices Expected Weaker

A generally weaker chickpea market is expected in 2023-24, as high prices work to cure high prices. 

Colin Young, manager of Mid-West Grain Ltd. in Moose Jaw, said he is expecting producers in Western Canada to plant more chickpeas this year, with the potential for acres to rise as well in other traditional production countries, including India, Turkey, Russia and Argentina. 

“Our competing countries are likely to increase chickpea plantings and probably will sell cheaper than today’s values,” Young said. “I personally feel that next year, chickpea prices will not be as high as this year.” 

Unlike many other agricultural commodities in Western Canada, some chickpea prices have risen over the past year. Kabuli and B-90 chickpeas, for example, are priced anywhere from about 45 to 60 cents/lb, up 10 to 13 cents on the year.  

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