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New Crop Missions Bring Exceptional Canadian Wheat To International Markets

Each fall, after the Canadian grain harvest, international buyers are eager to receive information about the quality and end-use characteristics of Canadian grains available for export. This year, the wheat crop quality is outstanding and we are excited to share this information with Canada and the world.
The 2017 New Crop Missions delegation is comprised of representatives of the entire value chain: from farmer to exporter, including scientists and representatives from Cereals Canada, the Canadian International Grains Institute and the Canadian Grain Commission.
Over the course of the next two months, delegation members will be meeting with customers from around the world to answer their questions about the 2017 Canadian wheat crop, such as baking and milling characteristics. Feedback will also be gathered from customers to ensure that the Canadian grain industry will continue to meet and exceed customers’ expectations for years to come.
By engaging directly with international buyers, New Crop Missions contribute to ensuring the continued marketability of Canadian grains and maintaining Canada's international reputation for being a safe and consistent source of grain.
Source : Canadian Wheat