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New Secretary-Manager Named for Ontario Seed Growers’ Association
Colleen Acres
St. George, ON – The Ontario Seed Growers’ Association (OSGA) is pleased to announce that
Colleen Acres will be taking over the role of Secretary-Manager for the OSGA. Colleen and her
family operate Maple Meadow Farms near Osgoode, Ontario raising sheep, beef cattle and cash
crops. Colleen has over 15 years’ experience in the seed industry having formerly worked for
both the Canadian Seed Growers’ Association (CSGA) and the Canadian Seed Trade
Association. She takes over from Harold Rudy who is retiring from this position in June.
“We are very pleased to acquire someone with Colleen’s in-depth experience within the seed
industry” says Peter Szentimrey, President of OSGA. “Her keen interest and strong
administrative skills will provide exemplary support to our Ontario branch.”
OSGA works on behalf of its members to support seed interests relating to promotion,
networking, research and advocacy of the pedigreed seed industry. Pedigreed seed production is
governed by regulations, specifically ‘Circular 6’ of the federal Seeds Act. OSGA works
collaboratively with CSGA, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, and other industry partners
to ensure Canadian pedigreed seed is of the highest standards in the world, accommodating the
needs of food processors and consumer products.
Through field days, newsletters, special workshops, and support to research, OSGA provides
many learning opportunities for growers to maintain our Canadian reputation as expert seed
multipliers, from plant breeders through to the commercial planting of superior specialized
varieties. The Ontario pedigreed seed industry employs 15,000 people with farm-gate value of
$462 million and economic impact of $985 million.
Source : OSGA